Monday, January 31, 2011


Over at Delightfully Tacky, I noticed that she was doing a "reality check" post. I thought it was a cute idea so I'm copying her! Hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? ;)

~I am not a morning person. It's probably a good thing I live alone because I despise when people talk to me when I first wake up. I need coffee and some "me" time before I can deal with others (nicely, anyway)!

~I have baby fever. That's right. I want a little one and despite many attempts I have not gotten my wish. I see pregnant people everywhere and it drives me crazy! Wanna know my sad little secret? I already have baby clothes! I can't seem to resist buying them.

~When I was a little girl I was playing outside with a new toy. This neighborhood kid came over and tried to take my toy. I held it up over her head trying to keep her away from it and she bit me! She latched on and dangled from my arm. To this day, I still have teeth mark scars in my arm.

~I truly enjoy going to movies alone. I'm not sure why. I think it's just a nice way to spend the day. Me, a bag of popcorn, and a movie...who could ask for anything more?

~I enjoy eating takeout in bed. The last time I did this I wasn't paying attention and I pushed too hard on the lid to my chutney. Needless to say it exploded! I had chutney dripping from my hair, off the wall, and all over my bed. It was freakin' hilarious!

~I haven't eaten meat in over ten years. In fact, the last time I did was by mistake. I had gotten takeout cheese sticks and marinara from the bar across the street from my apartment. I was doing my whole "takeout in bed" thing with the lights out b/c I was watching a movie. I took a huge bite of the marinara only to find out it was MEAT sauce. Vomiting ensued.

~My sister and I used to share an apartment in a very colorful building. We gave everyone nicknames. There was Crazy Sex Man (CSM for short) he enjoyed hiring hookers. I kid you not. There was Seizure Man. He had weekly seizures. I lost track of how many times we had to call the ambulance for him. Cigarette smoking man, well that name speaks for itself. Crazy cat lady...she had about ten cats in her apartment (I'm the crazy cat lady Then there was Crazy Sherine. She was a crackhead (and my downstairs neighbor) who liked to accuse me of moving furniture in the middle of the night (when I was really asleep). She ended up overdosing and was dead in her apartment for days before anyone found her. Crazy stuff!

~When I was a little girl I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. Then my aunt told me I would have to stick my hand up horses butts. That put an end to my dream!

~I never go barefoot in my house. I always wear flip flops. Of course when you have cats it only makes sense. The first time you step in a cold, mushy pile of cat warf you will see what I mean!



I've always been intrigued by the idea of living in a non-traditional home. This place would be like living in a fairy tale! I love it!

I really like yurts. I think this one is super cute with its little deck!

Now this would be fun! A modern take on the gypsy wagon! I would have a blast decorating it!

Looks like a hobbit house, doesn't it? This is by far my favorite!

Tree houses aren't just for kids! Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up every morning in a tree?!!

What's your ideal home?

We're smack dab in the middle of winter...

The weatherman is calling for more crappy weather this week. Boo! So I'm surrounding myself with photos from last summer! Take that, Winter!!!

This little beauty was my first attempt at a succulent container garden. It was so cute however my cat's didn't think so. This baby only lasted a month before it met it's maker! The kitties think that any plant sitting in a windowsill looks so much better in a heap on the floor!

This is my next door neighbor's pear tree! Have you ever seen such adorable tiny pears? Too bad we didn't get to eat any of them. Thanks to the deer!
Violets gone wild!
Sage. So pretty to look at and yummy to eat!
Pretty flowers...

Caladium...I just love these beauties!
Last of all, my (not so) little spider friend who built her web amongst my tomato plants! I miss her! She was the largest spider I've ever seen in my garden!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Sandman and then some...

I finally got some sleep last night! Yay! I was out at 7p.m. and despite waking several times during the night, I still feel well rested. Let's hope this keeps up. :)

I actually felt like being a bit productive this I finished up Starbucks Rob's hat. It took me nearly a week with all that's been going on but at last it's done! Here it is:

I love the color. It's called Herb Garden.

Now I've got breakfast cooking. I'm making the scrambled tofu from Vegan With a Vengeance and some roasted veggies. Yum!

After this I think I will do some light grocery shopping, clean, and make Arabian lentil and rice soup for dinner! I'm also feeling the need to watch I'll have to fit that in somewhere!

What are your plans for the day?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cedar Point

I spent many years working at Cedar Point when I was a college student. It was such a fantastic experience! Now I enjoy an occasional weekend playing in the park as a guest!
One Saturday morning my friend Pat and I headed to Sandusky for a Cedar Point employee reunion. Here we are entering the causeway.
One of the first rides to greet us upon arrival was the Demon Drop.
Pat and I being goofy!
Ariel view of CP:
Power Tower. I really enjoy this ride. Especially the side that drops you suddenly!
The corkscrew. One of my least favorite coasters. However I do think it makes a nice picture!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Photo A Day- Jan 24 and 26

That's right folks...I missed the 25th! No one's perfect right? With the week (or two) I've been having it's not surprising that I haven't been in a picture taking mood. You see, I've been suffering from insomnia off and on for the past year. Lately though the universe has decided to kick me while I'm down by making me experience night after night after night of little to no sleep. It's catching up to me that's for sure. Today while trying to make some mac and cheese I somehow managed to set the oven mitt on fire! That takes talent, I know. Lame attempts at pyromania aside, I've find myself having difficulty focusing and I'm irritable beyond belief. Weirdest side effect? I find myself NOT BLINKING for long periods of time. In an attempt to find some online advice I came across the standard suggestions: No caffeine after 1 pm, no naps during the day, hot bath 2 hours before bed, light stretching before bed and so on. Ok...I've done these things but alas they didn't do the trick. There were also questionable home remedies such as ingesting ground nutmeg or controlled breathing techniques. I ended up relying on OTC sleeping pills. Didn't help. Big surprise there.


Here's are the pictures I snapped:

Vanilla Cupcakes with Raspberry Frosting.

Blogging away...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What is it...

About cats that make them seek out the best lounging spots? Here's Freya (when she was a tiny kitten) waiting for Santa Claws!

My Mom's kittens taking a break from all their hard work!
I don't know what it is about this purse but every single cat loves it...even cat's that aren't mine. My friend Megan has a delightful one eyed cat that always makes himself at home in my purse. The humorous thing is that he's a huge cat! Here is Spike enjoying his time in the purse:
Ok, technically Freya isn't lounging here but it was too cute to pass up. This was just after her bath!
This is a much sought after napping spot in my house. Giles especially loves the cool feel of the porcelain against his fur!
Where do your kitties like to nap?

Monday, January 24, 2011

100 Joys Part 4

31. My new (to me) car, Suki the Subaru!

32. Hair bows.

33. Hairless rats!

34. Rainy days (but only when I can stay home)!

35. Movie marathons.

36. Scrabble marathons.

37. Fireplaces.

38. Trying out new recipes and finding a gem!

39. Old photographs...

40. A clean house!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Glimpse of Home

I went thrifting recently and came across my very first cake stand! I love love love it!

During the same shopping trip I found this adorable little pot. It's one of my favorite colors and the little wooden handle is to die for! Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this look like a pot from the 70's?
This is my favorite pot holder ever! I never ever use it! It's for display only.
I love my kitchen window. The curtains with sunflowers on them, the African Violet which surprises me every time it flowers, the little bird decoration from Amish country...all of these things makes my heart smile.
My Mom made me this adorable toaster cozy out of a vintage kitchen towel. The addition of the red rick rack is so cheerful!
I finally broke down and organized a freestanding vintage cabinet into a linen closet. I love having my bedding so close at hand!

I consider this one of my favorite places. My bed is my nest. I feel safe and secure here, comforted. My childhood teddy, Freddy, rests against the pillows. This is THE place to be! :)

Thanks for taking a peek! :)
What's the best part of your home?

Photo A Day-Jan 23

Spike loves helping out in the kitchen! Here he is perched on a stack of vegan cookbooks!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Etsy Love!

I can hardly stand the cuteness of these little guys! I think the claws are the best part!
BugNotBear's Shop

I adore mushrooms (except eating them). This print would look so lovely in my living room. I enjoy the pop of color. It would really look great with my 70's sofa! :)
Block Party Prints

I love all things owl and this "Lil Hoot" is no exception! Made lovingly by Manic Muffin Totes. Check out her's full of so many lovely items!

Photo A Day - Jan 21 & 22

Playing with the settings on my cell got me this silly picture.

The sweet nectar of life! ;)

Photo A Day - Jan. 17-20

I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese on Monday. Little R had such a great time!

I was feeling ambitious on Tuesday, so I made my own pretzels! Totally worth the effort! Yum. :)
This is the look I get when he doesn't like what I'm feeding him!
We made oobleck on Thursday. This is a great sensory activity for little ones!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Photo A Day-Jan 16

The Rat Girls love to cram themselves into teeny tiny spaces. Case in point, here you see Petunia (hairless rat on bottom) and Rose (top) in a small box! They were such good sports to pose for me! :)