Friday, December 24, 2010

My Gift To Myself!

I went to my hometown to do a little car shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday was a total bust. Absolutely nothing in my price range. My Dad and I tried again the next day. I had a list of car lots I wanted to visit. On the way to one of them, we spotted a lot with quite a few Subaru's. We pulled in and found one for 3,000 which was a bit out of my range. I talked the guy down to 2600. With taxes and whatnot I ended up paying 2900. I'm totally broke but I have a car! My beautiful Subaru Outback...I've wanted an Outback for so long!
Now I'm trying to figure out what her name is. My cars always have names. My first car was Connie. My neon was Rosita. My short-lived Pontiac was Roxy. Any suggestions? ;)

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