Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Death of Rosita

From the start Rosita had her problems that I didn't have the funds to address. So I did what any struggling-to-make-ends-meet girl does in this situation...I drove her til she died!

I realized that she had a pretty major transmission leak and I must say I was getting tired of topping off her fluids every other day! Finally I took her in to get an estimate only to be told that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. In the mechanics own words "your car's not worth the 1,800 bucks it would cost to fix. Go see my friend at the car lot down the street and get yourself a new car". Yeah, right! So I decide to keep my eye out for a deal and in the meantime continue to drive my Rosita. The very next morning on my way to Starbucks, the battery light comes on, and the radio shuts off and the headlights go very dim. Conveniently the day after I visited the shop, my alternator needs replaced? Hhmmm.... That would be another 300 bucks to fix.

Luckily, a friend of mine was selling her old car super cheap. So I bought it. Her name is Roxy!

I implore you, oh mighty Goddess of the Cars, let this one last!!! :)

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