Friday, December 24, 2010

100 Joys

I came across this great idea on . Really good way to count your blessings and joys! :)

1. Listening to the happy purrs of my kitty friends...melts my heart every time!

2. Hugs from little Roshan. There's nothing better than a child's spontaneous love!

3. Starbucks. Need I say more? ;)

4. Warm summer nights when the cicada's and crickets are chirping away.

5. Getting cozy under my heated blanket!

6. Knitting. The process is so relaxing and the finished product is a definite joy!

7. My new car...the beautiful Subaru Outback! She still needs a!

8. The delicate little squirrel necklace that I ordered from VioletBella on Etsy!

9. Watching my kittens climb the Christmas tree!

10. The feeling of knowing that my knitted scarves have been selling at Wholly Craft. I actually got my first consignment check yesterday! :)

That's it for now...but I will continue this throughout the year! :)

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