Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's been too long...

I'm not able to get on blogger as much as I would like. It drives me crazy but I don't have internet connection at home. So I have to haul myself to a coffee shop in order to be online. Woe is me! ;)

So I've been complaining about my old rice cooker for years! It's so difficult to clean after you use it...the rice sticks something awful. I finally broke down and bought a new, non-stick rice cooker. It's also smaller (which is great for single people). I love it!
This was a total impulse buy. It's a can colander! I didn't know such a thing existed. In fact, for years I've been thinking how cool it would be to have a colander that fit over my cans for easy, no-mess draining! So yeah...I totally invented this. Hahahaha!
I was craving something sweet last weekend. I tried out a new cookbook called "My Sweet Vegan". This is a marshmallow mud pie! It's very tasty but way too rich for me. I ate 2 tiny pieces and gave a piece away. The rest will go to waste. :(
The twins, Spike and Drusilla, are precious little fluffballs. I can't tell the difference just by looking at this picture! In person you can see that Spike has a tiny patch of gray on his head and Drusilla has a tail deformity (It's knobby on the end...sort of feels like it was broken but it wasn't b/c she's had it since birth).They are playful and full of purrs! I can't remember the last time I met such sweet kittens. :)
I've been wanting one of these signs forever. I finally broke down and bought one on eBay. :)

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