Friday, October 15, 2010

Vampire Cats

Thanks to my guilt-tripping Mom I have adopted two tiny kittens! She really had to twist my arm to get me to agree. ;)
They are tiny little cotton balls with the softest, longest fur! One boy and one girl. The only way to tell them apart is the boy has two tiny grey patches on his head. The boy is a silly little terror...the first day I got them I ended up calling him the "big bad" (which will mean something to you Buffy fans). So that is how they earned their names! The "big bad" is Spike and the little girl is Drusilla! :)


  1. They are cute. Although Spike is turning into a terror. Attacking the clothes in my closet, playing with the fringe on my Halloween costume, and knocking everything he can onto the floor! Basically, just being a kitten. Lol.

  2. ahhh! they are so cute. great names too!


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