Saturday, October 30, 2010

Money Can Buy Happiness!

Adorable Pin Up Girl Mirror! I purchased this lovely item from Wholly Craft in Columbus Ohio.

So freaking cute that I can't even stand it! I bought this (again, from Wholly Craft) for my friend who is due in February. I love this unique two headed teddy bear! I really want one for myself. It was hard to part with him! ;)
Precious reusable snack sack (Wholly Craft). Eco friendly and cute...who could ask for more?
Kitty cat knitting needles. These are technically made for children who are learning to knit but I just couldn't resist! They are very user friendly and so adorable! I've already made two items with them.
My new couch cover. It was packaged for a loveseat but it fits my couch perfectly! It's so soft...the animals love lying on it! :)

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