Monday, September 6, 2010

Spoiled kitties...

Ok...granted the first two kitties pictured are typically outside cats...but sometimes they need a little extra love inside the house! Gaberiel is a major cuddle bug! He loves to lay under the covers and drape over the nearest human (meaning me)!

Gideon Freaktoe is a scaredy cat with everyone but me. He's a sweet fluffy cat friend. He earned his nickname "Freaktoe" or "Freaks" due to his extra claws on his front paws. This is known as a polydactyl cat. His paws resemble giant oven mitts!
Miss Camille is an inside kitty. It's a good thing because she's sooo tiny! The vet weighed her at 5 pounds. She's my sweet petite cat. You can't really tell from this photo but she is a beautiful long haired calico. :)

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