Sunday, September 5, 2010


Day 18- plans/dreams/goals you have.

Short term goals:

1. To get organized! Everything from my purse to my car to my home. :) I'm a messy girl.

2. To sell my knitted goods at the consignment shop.

3. To learn how to knit SOCKS!

4. To get Rosita (my car) worked on. She needs some TLC!

5. To save some money for next year's vacation.

Long term goals:

1. Eventually go back to school. I'd like a second degree.

2. Take a review class so I can attempt the massage boards again.

3. Have a baby!!! *Actually this one could easily go on the short term list as well. I've got baby fever! How many normal women buy baby clothes before they get pregnant?!!

4. Find a really well paying job.

5. Start a no-kill cat rescue. :)

What are your goals?

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