Monday, August 30, 2010


This morning I decided to try my luck at finding a sewing machine on Freecycle. Not ten minutes after I posted a woman contacted me with an offer. I drove out to her home to pick up my (not so) new sewing machine! I think this qualifies as vintage? She said that it works well so that's a plus. :) I'm going to test it out this evening. Fun, fun!

It's a White Rotary sewing machine.

While I was there she let me pick a bunch of apples from her orchard! I plan on making a yumtastic cobbler tomorrow! :) I love Freecycle!


  1. Thanks. I think so! I can't wait to make something on it. :)

  2. so cool! love that she shared her fruit with you too!

  3. I know! She said she had about 80 different families come pick apples in her back yard this year! :)


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