Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Bailey passed away this weekend. He seemed to exhibit the same symptoms as Cricket. The vet still believes they got into poison. I lost Gypsy last week as well as Cricket. So that's three kitties in a week! Enough is enough! :(
RIP Bailey. Kitty kisses.


  1. Oh my gosh.....how devastating! I'm so sorry!!

    My healing thoughts and a gentle hug are being sent to you now.....

    :( Cameron

  2. Oh my God, I'm so sorry!!! *Hugs*

    mmbrunet @ Swap-Bot
    Blog me up baby

  3. I am so, so sorry. What a sad time for you. It is so difficult to lose a 4-footed friend, especially since they can't tell us what's wrong or how we can help them.
    I hope for better times for you -- soon!
    We just had to put our sweet Yorkie to sleep a month ago. I am still so sad about the whole ordeal. So I understand....

    (beth619 from Swap-Bot)

  4. Thanks for the thoughts and sweet words.


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