Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a washcloth!

I made two new washcloths this week! The first one was a festive dragonfly themed cloth. The pattern I found online had a flaw that I didn't notice til I was finished...oh well! It's still cute. :) I sent it to a really good friend of mine.

The second one took three days to finish! Argh! It was time consuming but turned out well. It's a feather and fan pattern. I used a self striping yarn which makes it look like I spent more time on it than I did!


  1. these are the absolute best. My MIL buys them for me and sends them to me when she is at craft fairs, they work awesome looks great too :)

  2. Knitted dish/wash cloths are taking over my kitchen drawer! :) I love using them. I love how they brighten up my kitchen.

  3. I love knitted and crocheted dishcloths. I make some cute dish scrubbies... wanna trade?

    (sharylove from I’M A BLOGGER, FOLLOW ME!!! on swap-bot.com)

  4. Sounds like fun Shary! I'd love to!


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